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Thermal Actuators and Control Valves

Thermal Actuators

Our wax filled bellows thermal actuator provides precise movement for a specified temperature range. The all welded stainless steel construction allows the actuator to withstand harsh operating environments and provides high reliability and long life. By using a welded metal bellows to encapsulate the wax rather than a rubber membrane, these units have superior cycle life and can withstand much higher operatizing temperatures than conventional thermal actuators. Different wax formulas may be developed to satisfy specific actuation temperature ranges.


Thermal Actuator
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Thermal Control Valves

Senior also designs and manufactures Thermal Control Valves (TCV).   The TCV integrates the temperature sensing, actuaton and valve function into a neat, compact package.   These deigns may also include pressure relief as required.  The TCV may be used in thermal bypass loops or other thermal control applications and are suitable for turbine engine applications and other platforms.

Designs may be fine-tuned for specific actuation temperature ranges.  The all metal construction is capable of operation at extreme temperatures and can meet the higher life cycle required for today’s demanding programs.

Thermal Actuator
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Thermal Actuator
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