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Custom Products


Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows specializes in developing custom engineered “Solutions” to meet our customers’ engineering and manufacturing challenges.

By applying advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, our Concurrent Engineering Team can provide Custom Products, cost effectively, that meet or exceed performance and reliability requirements.

All products are designed using industry standard solid modeling and FEA software. Our proprietary fatigue analysis software is specifically utilized for bellows design. Additionally, we have also developed our own gas analysis software that uses complex, real gas analysis. These tools allow us to optimize the design process, cost-effectively.

All critical manufacturing processes are maintained in-house including, forming, welding, heat-treating, and assembly.

Our Custom Products offer significant advantages over conventional approaches, including:

  • Absolute leak tightness – zero permeation to mass spectrometer sensitivity
  • High reliability
  • Ability to operate in extreme environments
  • Maintenance-free service
  • Contaminant-free operation
  • Indefinite storage life


Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows can also design other
Custom Products to meet your application. If you don’t see
a product that meets your specific requirements,
we look forward to providing you with a “Solution”.


Detail info and technical specifications on products, capabilities and systems

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