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Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows’ bellows compressors and bellows vacuum pumps utilize our unique welded metal bellows technology as the pumping chamber. This bellows design allows for features that are not available with conventional vacuum pumps and compressors.

These products are suitable for use in extreme environments where zero leakage, zero contamination, high reliability, and long life are required. We are able to achieve this superior performance with non-wearing wetted surfaces fabricated from corrosion resistant stainless steels. These are effectively hermetic compressors or hermetic pumps.

Design & Construction Features

  • Long Life – Capable of a minimum of 10,000 hours continuous operation
  • Stainless Steel Construction – All wetted surfaces are corrosion resistant stainless steel except for valve assembly gaskets that are either Teflon or Viton
  • No Maintenance – No wearing surfaces and no lubrication required. Motor and driver assembly contain permanently lubricated bearings
  • Hermetically Sealed – Employ welded bellows that provides positive containment and contamination free sampling. Every pump is tested to assure leak tight integrity to mass spectrometer levels
  • Infinite Number of Cycles – Bellows and valves are designed with stress levels below defined endurance limits of materials allowing for an infinite number of cycles

Our standard bellows compressor/bellows vacuum pumps are available in a range of models from the single head MB-21 with a free flow of 0.2 scfm [5.7 slm] and 10 psig [170 kPa] discharge pressure to the dual head MB-602 with a free flow of 6.0 scfm [170 slm] and 40 psig [377 kPa] discharge pressure. We also offer a line of high temperature models for applications up to 450°F [232°C] media and ambient temperatures. Pump catalog.

Aircraft Compressor

This bellows type compressor may be used for commercial or military aircraft or weapons systems applications where a 400Hz. compressor is required.

Aircraft CompressorClick to view larger image

Detail info and technical specifications on products, capabilities and systems

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows
can also design other
Custom Products to meet your application. If you don’t see
a product that meets your
specific requirements, we look
forward to providing you
with a “Solution”.

Custom designed bellows compressor/bellows vacuum pumps are available to meet specific customer needs. These specially designed models share the same general design and construction features as our standard models. Some of the custom features that can be requested are:

  • High pressure models rated up to 100 psig [790 kPa]
  • Lower flow rates from standard models
  • All metal valve designs
  • VCR® inlet/outlet ports
  • Three phase motors
  • Explosion-proof motors
  • DC motors
  • Variable speed motors
  • 400 Hz aircraft motors
  • Radiation resistant motors
  • Double containment models that utilize a second bellows and welded housing as a redundant leak tight seal to the primary pumping bellows

Typical Applications

  • Ambient air analysis
  • Medical instrument gas sampling
  • Nuclear containment radiation monitoring
  • Radioactive gas processing
  • Ground based or airborne high voltage electronics cooling and waveguide pressurization
  • High temperature engine exhaust analysis
  • Toxic or costly gas processing
  • Contamination free samples for research and laboratory experiments
  • Potable water system compressor or vacuum waste system pump in aircraft

For more detailed info see our Pumps & Compressors brochure.


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