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Welded Metal Bellows

Welded Metal Bellows

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Standard Off-the-Shelf Bellows

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows provides an entire line of standard, off-the-shelf (OTS) welded metal bellows products for those applications where the engineer or designer can take advantage of standard sizes and materials. Sizes range from .375” OD to 18.00” OD and are available with a variety of standard end configurations.

For more information see our OTS welded metal bellows catalog.

What is a Welded Metal Bellows? — Click Here

Custom Welded Metal Bellows and Bellows Assemblies

In addition to the standard bellows, above, Senior Aerospace can provide custom designs for more complex bellows and bellows assembly projects.

Bellows are designed to meet the required cycle life, which may be just a few cycles, 1 million cycles or infinite life. Materials of construction may include: stainless steel, Inconel, Haynes, titanium or others and are chosen to meet the operational and environmental conditions for the application.

Welded Metal Bellows feature:

  • Constant effective area with change in pressure
  • Excellent spring and pressure deflection characteristics
  • Ability to withstand high pressure
  • Long stroke per unit length
  • Short nestled length
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Leak tightness to less than 1x10-9 scc/sec
  • A wide range of operating temperatures

Applications include:

  • High vacuum seals
  • Leak-free motion feedthroughs
  • Flexible joints
  • Volume compensators, accumulators
  • Pressure and temperature actuators

For more detailed info see our OTS bellows catalog.

What is a Welded Metal Bellows? — Click Here

Senior Aerospace Welded Metal Bellows can also design other
Custom Products to meet your application. If you don’t see
a product that meets your specific requirements,
we look forward to providing you with a “Solution”.


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