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Maintenance Free Accumulators
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Senior Aerospace HIPRES® high pressure metal bellows maintenance free accumulators as well as our low pressure metal bellows accumulators are ideal for energy storage or pulsation damping applications for hydraulic, fuel, cooling or other fluid system applications. These units are suitable for use on commercial and military aircraft, weapons systems, combat vehicles as well as many other platforms.

Principal Advantages

  • Reliability and maintainability
    • Completely maintenance and service free
    • Absolute leak tightness
    • Never requires recharging
    • Elimination of unscheduled repair/replacement costs
    • Lower total cycle life costs
  • Design cost savings
    • Charging lines, valves, gauges and access panels can be eliminated
    • Locate anywhere on aircraft/vehicle – does not need to be accessible

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows can also design other
Custom Products to meet your application. If you don’t see
a product that meets your specific requirements,
we look forward to providing you with a “Solution”.

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  • Performance
    • Impervious to temperature extremes
    • Zero friction – repeatable performance with no wearing parts
    • Long predictable life under operating conditions
    • Indefinite storage life
    • Contaminant free storage and operation
    • Compatible with normal, exotic or corrosive hydraulic fluids
  • Qualifications
    • Decades of service on military and commercial platforms
    • HIPRES® is qualified to ARP 4378 and exceeds qualification requirements of MIL-A-8897
    • Large range of sizes – 3 in3 to 1000 in3 and larger
  • Construction Features
    • All welded construction
    • Elimination of elastomeric seals
    • Fabricated from Stainless Steel, High Nickel or Titanium alloys as influenced by specific operating parameters
    • Kevlar or Carbon fiber wrapped to meet fragmentation requirements


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