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Hermetic Actuators

For the production of semiconductors, equipment designers are confronted with the challenge of providing actuation within the vacuum chamber, while at the same time maintaining the chamber hermetically.

The traditional approach is to use conventional air cylinder actuators and at the point at which the actuator penetrates the chamber, a metal bellows is used as a dynamic seal that allows axial movement, while maintaining a hermetic seal.


The problems with the conventional approach are that this method takes up a lot of space, requires the procurement and assembly of many components and can be very time consuming to calibrate at final assembly.

Senior established dedicated cell to support high volume manufacture with production rates of over 1,000 bellows assemblies per month.

Hermetic ActuatorsTo solve the problems inherent with conventional actuators, Senior developed its own PRIME MOVER actuator. This device combines the actuation and sealing function into a single integrated device. Internally, there is a metal bellows that is both the force generating mechanism and the seal. This results in reducing parts count and assembly time for the equipment manufacturer.


At Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows, we would welcome the opportunity to see how our engineering and manufacturing capabilities can design a “Solution” that would meet your application.


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