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Senior Aerospace has served the Oil & Gas industry for decades. Todayís oil and gas exploration is now being done further off-shore and at much deeper depths. Equipment must operate at higher pressures and temperatures. These extreme operating conditions have proven to be too much for many conventional technologies. Elastomers cannot stand up to the temperatures and conventional bellows cannot withstand the extreme pressures and corrosive environments. Seniorís R&D efforts are bringing new technology solutions to help meet the Oil & Gas industry's new challenges.

High Pressure Bellow Seals

With offshore drilling going deeper and deeper conventional technologies are challenged by the increasing severe pressures. Senior has developed a patent pending High Pressure Bellows Seal for use in gas charged valves such as gas lift or chemical injection valves. These bellows seals are capable of operating in pressures up to 15,000 PSIG with a minimum of 20,000 cycles.

LWD/MWD Compensators

Sophisticated drilling tools incorporate steerable systems with real time imaging to minimize the drilling time. These special drilling tools can be controlled from the surface and made to drill long distances, horizontally if required. Senior Aerospace products are an integral part of these sophisticated drilling tools providing volume compensation with a clear advantage of better frequency response from the bellows by replacing “piston and spring” technology.

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Subsea Junction Box Compensators

The junction box is used to connect subsea equipment to equipment on the surface.  The junction box contains electrical cables immersed in a dielectric fluid to draw heat away.  The internal bellows is used to compensate for dielectric fluid volumetric changes due to temperature changes.

Subsea Actuator Pressure Compensation

To address the extreme pressures in subsea actuation a welded metal bellows provides pressure compensation between oil and seawater. High nickel alloys are used and highly optimized bellows designs are employed to meet a 25 year operational life.

Zero Leakage Metal Bellows Accumulators

For applications where accumulator performance is critical, piston or bladder accumulators can present a risk.  These devices use wearing seals that allow the gas charge to leak over time.  The Senior Aerospace metal bellows accumulator provides superior reliability.  The gas charge is hermetically sealed by all-welded metal construction.  There are no wearing seals and these units provide zero leakage service.

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