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The medical market uses a variety of custom welded metal bellows for their rigorous applications and Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows has been very instrumental in applying its bellows technology for several successful applications:

Microliter Precision Pumps

When your metering pump demands
microliter precision, hermetic sealing,
fluid compatibility, and must operate for
millions of cycles, you need the Senior Metal
Bellows pump. Designed with self-retracting stainless
steel, Inconel or titanium bellows, these devices are capable of millions of cycles and allow for use with fluids incompatible with elastomeric materials. Custom designed to suit specific requirements.

  • Stainless steel, Inconel or titanium bellows to suit
    • Ideal for corrosive fluids that are not
      compatible with elastomers
  • Hermetic fluid sealing to Helium mass-
    spectrometer scales
  • Bellows are self-retracting, allowing fluid encapsulation hardware to be separate from pump driving hardware for low cost consumable replacement .
  • Disposable, bellows-based, easy to swap pump assemblies
  • Pumps are custom designed to suit specific
  • Long life – To millions of cycles

Senior Metal Bellows can custom design a pump
to suit your specific need.

CO2 Heart Laser Equipment
Welded Metal Bellows
Dynamic Seal

Medical lasers use a welded metal
bellows in the beam focusing
mechanism, which allows a range
of motion to align the front end of the
mirror to a laser focus beam. The
welded metal bellows maintains a
hermetic seal providing a high-cycle life.

Medical Instruments Precision Welding and Metal Joining

Surgical instruments require precision metal joining of very thin gauge metals. Materials include stainless steel, titanium and other alloys. The same precision metal joining processes used for metal bellows assemblies can be applied to non-bellows thin gauge metal joining.

Implantable drug pump reservoir

Extremely thin gauge titanium welded bellows are used in the peristaltic pump device as the main drug reservoir. This pump is used to combat chronic pain as well as other therapies. The bellows provides a flexible boundary between the medication and the gas pressure used to deliver the dosage to the pump. The benefits include a long cycle life as well as leak free operation - critical to the pump’s success.

Senior established dedicated cell to support high volume manufacture with production rates of over 2,500 bellows assemblies per month.

At Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows, we would welcome the opportunity to see how our engineering and manufacturing capabilities can design a “Solution” that would meet your application.


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