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Since 1955, Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows has designed and manufactured millions of sophisticated systems and components for military ground vehicles and weapons systems. Senior’s systems and components have been engineered to extremely precise tolerances for the most demanding applications with total reliability.

M109 Paladin Hydraulic Reservoir

The M109 originally had a rubber bladder type hydraulic reservoir and the vehicles had to operate in very high temperature environments, causing the reservoirs to have a high failure rate. Senior Aerospace solved this problem by designing a metal bellows type hydraulic reservoir and retro-fitted the fleet of M109s. This new design demonstrated high reliability and long life in this demanding application.

Thermal Management Systems - Before
Thermal Management Systems - After

Thermal Management Subsystems

For laser weapons programs, thermal management is critical. Senior Aerospace worked with a defense contractor that was experiencing a problem with system reliability. Senior already had supplied a bellows coolant reservoir, but afterwards learned there was other system component issues - the heat exchangers were delaminating. Using our metal joining expertise, we developed a vacuum brazing

process to reliably braze titanium fins to an aluminum core. After solving this problem, we learned that the thermal management system packaging leaked in the field. Senior then redesigned the whole assembly, which was a bolt together design, to an all welded assembly. This reduced the parts count and eliminated the assembly work for the customer and most importantly, provided a sealed, leak tight system.

Military Ground Vehicle Hydraulic Accumulators

Senior Aerospace became involved in a ground vehicle program which faced challenges with hydraulic system reliability/sustainability and total vehicle weight. To solve this, Senior designed a bellows type, maintenance- free hydraulic system accumulator with a composite housing. Our maintenance-free accumulator technology addressed the reliability and sustainability challenges, while our composite housing technology cut the weight of the accumulator in half, as compared to their conventional accumulators. As an additional benefit, the composite housing was inherently ballistic fragmentation resistant.

At Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows, we would welcome the opportunity to see how our engineering and manufacturing capabilities can design a “Solution” that would meet your application.


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