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Since 1955, Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows has designed and manufactured millions of sophisticated systems and components for military and commercial aircraft, space shuttles, and satellites. Senior’s systems and components have been engineered to extremely precise tolerances for the most demanding applications with total reliability.

Thermal Actuator

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows’ Thermal Actuators are used on aircraft engine fuel-oil heat exchangers. Senior Aerospace solved a reliability problem with the rubber boot design by Thermal Actuatorreplacing it with metal bellows.Traditionally, in this design, the temperature probe contained a rubber boot that encapsulated wax. As the wax heated or cooled, it would change phase and thus expanded or contracted driving the pin in or out, which actuated a bypass valve.The rubber deteriorated, which allowed the wax to leak, adversely affecting performance and ultimately failing altogether. This unit had a very high failure rate.

With this new technology, Senior’s Thermal Actuators last 10 years or greater with no performance issues.

EHA ReservoirEHA Reservoir

Many of today’s aircraft are adopting electrohydrostatic actuators (EHAs) for flight surface controls. One critical component for these EHAs is the bellows reservoir.

For performance, maintenance, and reliability requirements, bellows reservoirs are far superior to conventional piston reservoirs for these applications. Senior Aerospace has developed lightweight titanium EHA reservoirs for use on both commercial and military aircraft.

Aircraft bellows compressor

Many aircraft water systems use a pressurized system architecture that requires a compressor. The compressor pressurizes the water Aircraft Compressortank so that water can be delivered to the galley and the lavatories. High reliability and long service life are paramount. Additionally, clean operation is critical. Senior Aerospace developed a lightweight compressor, which uses a 400 Hz AC motor, for use on aircraft. By using a bellows compressor, we can offer contamination- free operation. The bellows is designed for virtually infinite cycle life providing for a mean time between failures in excess of 50,000 hours.

At Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows, we would welcome the opportunity to see how our engineering and manufacturing capabilities can design a “Solution” that would meet your application.


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