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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing
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Metal Bellows Lean Integration

Lean Goals

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows has incorporated the Lean Enterprise system to support several interrelated goals; to focus on job skills certification and cross training to promote work flexibility and to focus on operational improvements in all departments by implementing Lean techniques. This activity will support increasing customer satisfaction while improving all internal measures of company performance.

Lean Implementation

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows implemented a Lean initiative in 2005 that provided every employee 56 hours of Lean Manufacturing training. This company-wide exposure to all Lean concepts including Value Stream Mapping, 5-S, Kaizen events and Continuous Flow has resulted in dramatic improvements in facilities utilization, work flow, process improvements and a strong cultural shift towards continuous improvement. In-house training continues focused on specific projects, many initiated by individual employees.

Lean Challenge

Continuous improvement depends not only on company employees but on the many outside organizations which support the business including the supply chain, the customer and the recognition from new markets that this activity has real value. One challenge is to convince non-lean supplier organizations that this process will become more important as time and resources are squeezed by new ideas and lower cost regions. Metal Bellows emphasizes a Lean awareness program with vendors and customers that demonstrates the value of Lean in improving productivity and reducing waste.

Lean Manufacturing

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