Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows

Green Initiatives

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows strives to maintain a green approach to all facets of our business. Over the last several years we have taken many steps to become a more environmentally friendly facility. Below notes some of our major green projects over the years:

  • A closed loop water filtration system which recycles the water used through out the manufacturing process
  • Creation of a paperless document system which drastically reduced printing and paper consumption
  • Retrofit of lighting fixtures to reduce electricity consumption by approx 30%
  • An internal recycling program for plastic bottles and aluminum cans
  • All Styrofoam products removed from cafeteria and replaced with paper
  • All electronic components sent to offsite recycling programs
  • Waste reduction system which cut our hazardous waste output by over 85%
  • Project Green Sweep which reduces the amount of printed mailings and flyers sent to our facility
  • Green Technology initiatives to reduce energy footprint

We realize the importance of energy conservation and keeping the environment clean. Metal Bellows continues to look for new approaches and methods to help keep our planet healthy. In 2007 we were certified to the ISO 14001 (environmental) standard.

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